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[20:21:30] Guest[Gramma] :

Will I be able to view the graduation live?  I have enabled Javascript and have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, but I just keep being redirected to this page.

[20:36:40] troyvcr :

Works best in Firefox. If you have Javascriot enabled and downloaxed the latest version it should work. Did you shutdown yoiur browser and open it back up after doing this?

[20:45:35] Guest[Gramma] :


[20:46:01] Guest[Gramma] :

Whenever I click on the video it takes me to this page.

[20:46:18] Guest[Gramma] :

I'll log in on Firefox and see if that helps.

[21:17:46] troyvcr :

If not we'll be posting the video to watch again soon.

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